One-On-One Wheel Class

One-On-One Wheel Class


One-on-one private lessons are 2 hours and are specifically designed for students who want to focus on technique and skill building. Each private session at the Simple Things Ceramics Studio is tailored specifically to you. I design classes for each student individually and respects where they are in the learning process. Maybe you are completely new to the pottery wheel? We can start from the very beginning! Do you love to hand-build? Are you interested in learning more about surface decoration? I am excited to customize an experience as individual as you!

These classes are typically not project based but you are welcome to request a specific piece for your private lesson.

For example:

  • Hand building - Learn the basics of hand-building!

  • Wheel throwing - Learn how to use a pottery wheel!

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This price includes 2 hours of private instruction on the wheel in Simple Things Ceramics private studio in West Los Angeles, kiln firing services, tools, mid-range stoneware clay and glaze. If you would like to use a different clay, we are happy to accommodate your request. We fire both cone 5 and cone 10 work.